3DS Max Static Mesh XML Exporter
Using all export settings This 3DS Max 2009 plugin exports a static mesh to a custom XML format. Users can also export the material applied to the mesh, if it is a DirectX 9.0c shader. Also, users can choose to associate the mesh with physics data exported with the Havok Content Tools.
XMLExporter.dle |
Rainy Day
Using default settings The Rainy Day demo shows the interaction between the particle effect emitter of the Particle Effect Editor and a plane to modify a normal map and create the impression of water ripples. Users can control many of the properties of the ripples created by the "rain drops." The normal map of ripples reflects/refracts the environment using an appproximation of the Fresnel effect. |
Particle Effect Editor
The default particle effect The particle effect editor is a tool that allows artists to create particle effects and save them for later usage. |
Exercise mode after the player eliminated to groups of Puyos PuyoLove is a game created using the LÖVE 2D game engine. It is similar to the Japanese game Puyo Pop. I wrote all of the gameplay code in Lua. | |
Iris 3D Engine
Terrain-following, animated meshes walking across the screen Iris 3D is an engine that boasts a variety of features, including: managed memory for models, textures and sounds, lighting, audio, static and animated meshes, GUI and terrain. |
Post-Processing HLSL Shaders
Blood-splatter shader featuring specularity and random distribution and density I wrote these shaders during my internship at Realmware Inc. The collection includes a blood-splatter shader, water lens-adhesion shader, nightvision shader, and hue/saturation/value shader.
Scene with three spheres and a plane. This is a scalable, multithreaded raytracer that features shadowing and blinn-phong lighting. |
A player who seems to be doing well This DirectX 9.0c game is a 3D Breakout clone. It features HLSL blinn-phong lighting and XACT3 audio. |
Table Hockey
Two players fiercely competing This is a table hockey-like game developed using C# and XNA. Players can choose between an XBox 360 controller or keyboard to control their players.