3DS Max Static Mesh XML Exporter

This 3DS Max 2009 plugin can be used to export static meshes to a custom ASCII XML format (*.meshxml). Users can choose from a variety of export options for the mesh, such as exporting texture coordinates and normals. If the user has applied a DirectX 9.0 shader as a material, the user can choose to export the shader, along with its uniform parameters. Also, the user can associate an *.hkx file exported by the Havok Content Tools to provide physics properties to the mesh. Exported meshes are transformed from 3DS max world space to DirectX world space and are also scaled according to the user's preference.

To install the plugin, you must have 3DS Max 2009 (x86) installed. Download the *.dle file to the 3DS max plugin folder (usually C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\plugins). To use the plugin, ensure that you are attempting to export the mesh with the "Editable Poly" modifier. Select "Export" or "Export Selected" from the "File" menu. Find the "MeshXML Exporter (*.meshxml)" type and give the mesh a filename. The export options dialog should appear. Select and the options and click "Export."

To compile the plugin, you must have the 3DS Max 2009 SDK installed and set in your Visual C++ directories. Ensure that you are using the "Hybrid" build option.

Language(s): C++
Libraries/SDKs: 3DS Max 2009 SDK, TinyXML
Development Time: One-and-one-half weeks