Post-Processing Shaders

These HLSL post-processing effects were developed for use by the Visual3D.NET engine during my internship at Realmware Inc. The hue/saturation/value shader allows the user to alter the hue, saturation and value of the final output image. The water lens-adhesion shader attempts to simulate water dripping down a lens after it exits a body of water. The user can lower the "amount" parameter over time to give the impression of the water dripping and evaporating. Users can control the viscosity, specularity and density of the effect. The blood-splatter shader creates the illusion of a random splattering of blood on the screen. Users can alter the color, specularity, density, and size of the splatter pattern, as well as the random seed. Finally, the nightvision shader changes the color spectrum and lightness of the output image as well as provides a fine noise to give the illusion of viewing the scene through a nightvision camera.

Language(s): HLSL
Development Time: Four weeks