Rainy Day

The Rainy Day demo emulates shallow pools of water typically found on streets and concrete during a thunderstorm. Rain drops fall and create ripples when they collide with the "pool" of water (plane). This graphics demo shows a more advanced usage of normal maps that represent the ripples in the pool. The maps are generated in real-time and by a pixel shader. The generated normal maps are then consumed by another shader that uses the normals to sample an environment map for reflection and refraction similar to the Fresnel effect observed in water. In order to build and run the executable, you will need the DirectX 9.0c SDK installed. You will also need to set the include and lib directories.

Demo Controls:

  • Change parameter sliders: (Hold) left mouse button
  • Tilt/Pan: Right mouse button

Language(s): C++ and HLSL
Libraries: DirectX, DirectX Utility Library (DXUT)
Development Time: Three weeks